PVC Film Back Gum

There are many materials for back gum, Bristol back gum, velveteen back gum, leather back gum, and PVC film back gum and so on. The back gum technology process is rubberizing on the materials layer, and attach the release paper, peal the release paper when use. The traditional back gum technology is rubberizing by hand, uneven for the glue coating, and low viscosity. 

Nowadays, PVC film back gum adopt advanced back gum equipment, referring to the PVC film width and length, pass the release paper into rubber flow groove and intelligent control by oven system. Then place the PVC film on the back gum roller, power on, the PVC film back gum product finished, the production process is about 3-5 seconds. 

Kitchen soot sticker, and window glass sticker etc are all PVC film back gum products.